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Janice Liong

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
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My Story:
The first time I ever tried Lindy Hop was in NYC on Swing Street. My friend was all for tossing me around, and from then on I was intrigued. ;P

Lindy really IS the Fountain of Youth (just look at Frankie!!!!) and I am glad for all the crazy, fun filled, sunshiny, happy happy times that I have with all my Lindy friends around the world!

Additional Questions

When/where did you first start doing Lindy Hop?
NYC, Swing Street, 1998, But more seriously at Jitterbugs Singapore 2006

Why did you first start doing Lindy Hop?
It looked like a lot of fun!

What is the size of your local Lindy community?

How often do you go out dancing or take lessons?
As often as possible, but mostly about once a week

What is your favorite thing about Lindy Hop (both as an activity and as a community)?
The fun never stops, neither do the costumes, ideas, conversations, new steps, new people....

What do you do for a living?
For now, nothing... =D


Year you were born?

What bit of non-swing info about you would the Lindy community find interesting?
I can hula hoop in high heels....

How has Lindy Hop changed your life?
In a lot of ways

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